I’ve written previously about my suspicion that a huge amount of Facebook traffic is actually automated computer programs.

Now an independent company have done some pretty detailed testing to infer that up to 80% of their paid for Facebook advertising is actually  automated traffic. These programs, or ‘bots’, are scouring Facebook for information to use in spamming and who knows what else – but Facebook advertisers end up paying for it.

We suggest you look very carefully before doing any Facebook advertising at the the effect this has on the REAL cost per REAL click, as it might well make it economically unviable.

This also throws into question the true success of Facebook generally – if 80% of traffic is automated programs and, according to recent news stories, so many Facebook accounts are completely fake, then does the platform have any validity? I have long said that one day Facebook will claim more users than population of the planet – maybe that will force them to do something about ‘poorly’ reported traffic levels.