WebSanity Internet Marketing logoThinking of starting up a new website? Picking the right domain name for your web design is of key importance!

Old advice used to be to go for a domain name with lots of relevant keywords in it, e.g. websanity-internet-marketing.co.uk.

Google has poured a lot of cold water on that idea and urged people not to do that. But the stark reality is that every day we see sites that shouldn’t rank anywhere appearing high in the results despite poor SEO – more so than ever these days. So, if you’re designing a new website then spend time trying to get a keyword rich url (although these days don’t bother with the hyphens).

NOTE: A keyword rich domain name even helps with Google AdWords – you can get your keywords across in the URL without having to put them in the heading row, leaving you 25 letters to really play with!



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