WebSanity Internet Marketing logoWe don’t all live in a bubble world like the Post Office, with the ability to raise our prices by over 30% – somebody ought to tell them that there is a recession on! Instead there is ever increasing pressure on the rest of us to reduce prices, and to do that we need to reduce our costs.

If you are taking money on line, or via a handheld credit card machine, it’s always galling to have to pay your payment provider a reasonable percentage of your revenue (e.g. PayPal up to 3.9%) – we wouldn’t mind so much if they did something decent for their money – but from a developer perspective PayPal’s system is difficult to use, badly supported and way out of date. Apparently they don’t seem to care about their customers, which is probably because of the lack of competition. Google waded into the market (as it does with all markets, it’s like some kind of child fueled by cola and crisps that can’t keep itself to itself) some time ago with Google Checkout, but they seem to have done the minimum possible just to match PayPal and have gone pretty quiet of late.

PaymentSenseBut finally somebody seems to have identified the opportunity in the payments market to offer a decent service at a fair price. Payment Sense is their name, and you can check them out here: www.paymentsense.co.uk. Think of them acting a bit like Tesco Mobile – they use the same robust infrastructure as everybody else, but take a smaller margin, passing the saving on to you. Give Gemma at PaymentSense a call on 0800 0443552 for a chat if you like, mention our name and you get a preferential rate. Blimey, a name and a phone number, in the UK… you won’t get that out of PayPal or Google Checkout for a start!

Put the PaymentSense system together with a WordPress website with a WooCommerce eCommerce system and you’ve got a recession friendly priced introduction to selling online – contact us to find out more.

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