WebSanity Internet Marketing logoIn SEO circles we often talk about writing link bait content. That is content that is useful to people which means they might well add links to your site. It also means that people will find that content and then go ahead and buy from you or use your services.

So what might link content be?

  • Free guide
  • How to video
  • Hints & tips
  • Checklist
  • Top 10 list

The key thing is that it has to have some value to a customer and it has to be FREE.

Adding link bait content to your site will add to the number of pages, add to the links to your site, add to people sharing that information socially on the web and add traffic – all of which build your website’s authority, and therefore ranking.

Usual objections include:

  • But writing link bait is hard; yes, but it also increases the hurdles your competitors have to leap to overtake you on the web.
  • It takes too long; start small with one piece and gradually add over time. Think of it as an investment.
  • People will copy it; if you embed enough references to your own website then you WANT people to copy it.

So let’s see a quick example.

My oven door hinge has broken and I think I can fix it myself, it’s not rocket science.

So, I search for “replace ariston oven door hinge”. Note that’s a ‘long tailed search’ – it’s quite specific, I’ve learnt, as more and more people have, that the more specific you search the more likely you are to get the results you want (relevancy). Here’s what I get:

Example link bait contentVarious sites pop up telling me they sell Ariston door hinges (which is Google doing its job delivering relevant content), but at the top there’s a video on how to do it. Not just a video showing a generic hinge being change, but an Ariston door hinge. It isn’t particularly professional, it’s a guy talking to a video cam held by his mate. But it works. It gives me the information I need. So what do I do now – I reward that person by buying from him (life is too short to start shopping elsewhere). And I might well bookmark that site, Google+ it, like his Facebook site etc, to share that useful information with others.

But it doesn’t stop there. A friend of mine’s dishwasher seal went the other day and he asked me where to get one, so I tell him to go to this site because they’ll probably have a video of how to change it as well. So link bait doesn’t just work on the web, it also works off the web.


So, that’s an example of link bait content working in practice.. so what’s holding you back – start writing some link bait material and start building your website’s authority!

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