Hands up who knows what a breadcrumb trail is? It’s the little trail of links often seen at the top of a web page which shows where you are in the current website.

e.g. Home > Internet Marketing > SEO training

The idea is that users can see where they are are in the website and quickly navigate back up a level or two. They are really only of any use when you have a couple of levels of pages, and some users use them and some users don’t. But there is one big user out there who DOES use them, and that is Google.

Google recognises this element and uses it to help it get a handle on your site structure. If you’re lucky it will even display the breadcrumb trail in your search results, giving you bigger visibility and better navigation into your site.

So, if you’re able to (your web developer will probably need to put something like that in place for you), we highly recommend having a breadcrumb trail on your website.

P.S. If your developer is on the ball they’ll use the latest ‘breadcrumb trail microformat’ from Google to make it even easier for them to get a handle on your website structure. See my post back in January about these very important SEO features that quality web designers should be using.

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