Google AdWordsNewly updated in 2009 this book is intended to show you how to “Run a successful ad campaign on Google”.

Our view is that it only of interest to a very small niche of readers: Google AdWords professionals interested in hearing somebody else’s thoughts on the AdWords ‘universe’.

It is the second edition of the book, but has been hideously hacked to update it to the latest version of AdWords (which unfortunately got a user interface makeover in the meantime). It is clear where new paragraphs have simply been added into the text to explain the changes since the text was originally updated, and some of the screenshots were from the previous version (now 2 versions out of date). But in some places the text HASN’T been updated and so it makes factually incorrect statements (one hideous error stating that you pay only one cent more than the advertiser below you in the sponsored search results).

A lot of that could be forgiven if the book approached the subject by presenting logical approaches, strategies and tactics to follow and adapt. But it simply doesn’t. If you’re new to the subject I’d imagine you’d be left wondering what you had paid for: far better to follow the Google online tutorials and try to figure the rest out by experimentation, or – better still – get some professional adwords consultancy to get you started and set you off in the right direction (and if you don’t get it right from the outset you may well be paying the price for a long time to come).

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