WebSanity Internet Marketing logoAs mentioned in a previous post, Bing might be a minor player in the UK search market but it’s good for SEO (well, not strictly Search Engine Optimisation, more online marketing) to try to get shown in the Bing maps results – particularly if you are a local business. Note this is especially true if you want to people who might happen to have a Windows phone which retrieves a lot of data from Bing maps when conducting searches.

Bing logoAgain, it’s a struggle to get listed in the UK because Bing don’t have any admin tools for controlling your local business map entry. Again Bing outsource their map listing, currently via Nokia – and given they bought the company, probably for some time to come!

So how do you get listed in the Bing Maps system? Go here:


Register, then enter your business details, paying particular attention (as on Google Places) to select search engine optimised keywords (enter as many as you are allowed – 10) and add as much additional information as you are able to (the more the better).

Leave the system to it and, all being well, an entry will appear in the Bing maps for you. Note this might take some time, so try to get the information right first time!

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