WebSanity Internet Marketing logoI’m sure that you all you advertise your website address on all printed material that you produce. But typing web addresses in is just too much effort for many mobile users – seriously, it’s a right pain with fiddly touch screen keyboards (and not much easier on miniscule keyboards either).

So why not help out mobile users by putting a QR code on your printed material.

What’s a QR code you ask? It’s a 2D barcode that can encode a web address. Many smart phones have barcode scanning software installed or certainly downloadable.
All people need to do now is fire up the relevant app, scan the QR code and bingo they’re looking at your website.

Here’s an example of a QR barcode:

QR code

Guess where it leads you…

There are lots of QR barcode generators on the web. Have a go with this one: http://www.qrdvark.com/qr-generator.

And QR codes don’t stop there – you can use them for locations, phone numbers etc. as well as web addresses…

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