Costs are clearly going to vary according to what it is you require: what the website does, how many pages it will have, how much design you want etc. Having a detailed requirements specification document will make it far easier to approach website developers and ask them for a quotation (but make sure they read it and respond to ALL points raised in it) – AND easier for them to give you as low a price as possible (the more specific you are, the less they have to allow for specification creep: new requirements coming up later during development and increasing their costs)

We thought long and hard about putting actual cost values in this FAQ because we didn’t want to put people off with high costs when their requirements are simple, nor did we want to put too low a cost in here causing unrealistic expectations. But taking these ballpark figures with a large possible variation you might like to budget £800-£1,400 for a quality design 6 page marketing support website; add from £400 to £1200 for a Content Management System; and £2,500-£4,500 for an online e-commerce solution.